Why launch your project on the TrustSwap launchpad?

Are you looking for a trusted and robust launching platform to fill your private and/or public raise ?
Do you wish to access a large and active DeFi community, progressive marketing tools and well-known crypto influencers ?
Are you interested in consulting with experts who have helped many other DeFi projects reach their Max cap and successfully launch their token ?
In this era of scams and rug-pulls we know that community trust is a concern for new projects.
Are you exited to annihilate this concern by incorporating audited team and liquidity locks? Afraid of Pump & Dump tactics by investors and would prefer a smart vesting distribution ?

We got you covered!

Trustswap Launchpad is open for all chains.
Apply now and who knows your project will be next!
TrustSwap provides a Full-Service Digital Asset Ecosystem, where you can raise funds and launch your token with the essential operational, technical and marketing support. Use TrustSwap Launchpad and gain a competitive advantage in the race for VC capital.
Increase Your Reach
Our aim is to grow your project’s awareness through our network reach.
TrustSwap invites you to collaborate with one of the top players in DeFi Launchpads, with $500+ locked in its digital asset ecosystem. TrustSwap Launchpad assisted 10+ projects in raising $15M+, by empowering an average ROI on launchpad projects exceeding 1000%.
TrustSwap collaborates with newly launched projects for wide marketing and awareness activities.We have a large and active community which is growing exponentially on Twitter (50K+) and Telegram (12K+).
Provide ultimate security to your investors and team members
TrustSwap Launchpad provides a vesting schedule service for private & public investors, team tokens and liquidity which can be customized according to your preferences.
Projects launched via the TrustSwap Launchpad offer safety, thereby attracting investors who look to invest in secure and competitive projects.
  • Trustswap offers the tools for fully customizable investor token vesting.
  • Investor token claim are spread and hourly based, preventing dumps on fixed payout days.
  • SmartLock offers a trusted and safe environment to your investors by preventing team token dumps, rug pulls and exit scams.
  • Payment schedules can be connected to concrete achievements and dates, in a trustless and transparent environment.
Besides providing access to a secure staking environment, TrustSwap guarantees pool allocation to investors via a 4K SWAP stake or a 2.5K Swapscore, which is calculated by the 60-day average ofstaked SWAP.
By allowing low entry barriers for investors, new projects are more easily exposed to fundraising opportunities compared to other launchpad service
TrustSwap enables additional benefits to your stakers like multiplier allocation based on SWAP stake or Swapscore, Swapdrops (Airdrops for SWAP holders) and access to mining pools for all newly launched tokens.
At TrustSwap, we also welcome low cap projects!
The FlashLaunch service enables projects with raises of under $750K to engage with the launchpad ecosystem.
Each FlashLaunch has a set individual allocation of $500 resulting from a lottery draw. Lottery tickets are assigned proportionately according to the TrustSwap multiplier for each participant.
Additionally, a limited number of 'Golden Ticket' NFTs may be minted by TrustSwap which guarantee access to the FlashLaunch. These Golden Tickets can be purchased and traded on our NFT marketplace with a portion of all sales going to support Eden Reforestation Project. Whoever holds the Golden NFT Ticket at snapshot time, is whitelisted for allocation.