Our team

TrustSwap was founded by an experienced team with roots in other projects from Uptrennd to Bravocoin. Team members from among others: Intel, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, Coinmarketcap, Siemens, Unisys, GoDaddy, HP Burton, the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates foundation’.
  • Jeff Krideikis

    Jeff is the Founder and CEO of TrustSwap...

  • Adam Barlam

    Adam is the dev and founder behind the projects Bravocoin, a platform that allows users to earn crypto for writing reviews and Rebuzz, a decentralized social network...

  • Ivan Reif
    Technical Project Manager

    Ivan is an experienced software engineer and project manager coming from FinTech space, who now focuses entirely on blockchain and building the finance of the future...

  • Bradley Townsend
    Buisness Development

    Brad is an experienced growth enabler with an extensive business acumen, and has built an impressive network of both C-level executives and notable grass-roots thought leaders...

  • Ivan Anastassov

    Ivan has over 7 years of startup experience in the FinTech, SaaS and Blockchain space...


TrustSwap is backed by a notable and experienced team of advisors from the crypto ecosystem.
  • Michael Gu

    Michael is the Founder of Boxmining - one of the top crypto YouTube channels with over 200,000 subscribers and 15 Million Views...

  • Ivan Liljeqvist
    Ivan on Tech Academy

    Ivan on Tech is a blockchain developer, influencer and educator...

  • Mauvis Ledford
    Former CTO CoinMarketCap

    Mauvis is the former CTO at Coinmarketcap, as well as the former Technology and Research Consultant at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation...

  • Michael "Mafiaboy" Calce
    President @ Optimal Secure

    Michael is an elite-tier security expert, currently the Chair of the Board of Advisors of HP...

  • Luke Wagman
    Former Goldman Sachs & CoinMarketCap

    Luke previously worked as an analyst at Goldman Sachs, where he provided the link between traditional money and crypto...