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Our Launchpad

In traditional finance, venture capital firms get priority access to early-stage startups. Because of this exclusivity, the general public gets stuck buying in later at higher prices creating an unfair situation.

With TrustSwap, you become the VC and gain priority-access to early stage crypto startups. By staking SWAP, you get guaranteed access. The more SWAP you stake, the larger allocation you receive.

  • Guaranteed Allocation
  • Easy Launch process
  • 12 hour KYC window
  • Multiplier for long term stakers
  • No gas wars


SmartLock is a decentralized application that allows blockchain projects to lock their ERC20 coins and LP Liquidity tokens in a non-custodial, time-released smart contract vault.
Multi-million dollar crypto projects are emerging every single day. Keeping their digital assets safe is crucial for both the teams and their communities.
  • Lock Liquidity
    Input your liquidity tokens into a time-released vault that returns the tokens at a specified date.
  • Team Token Vesting
    Create a vesting schedule for team members with specified dates and token amounts.
  • Public Facing Profile
    Proudly display your locked tokens and vesting schedules to the world as proof.
SmartLock use cases
Time-locked tokens
Lock up founder and employee tokens on a time-based release schedule allowing for simple and immutable transactions.
Instant Will Execution
Create a will on a smart contract that will automatically releasefunds to your loved ones after you pass away.
Monthly/Weekly Subscriptions
Set up and pay for subscriptions using cryptocurrency.
Instant Gifts & Payments
Send an automatic gift to your son on his 18th birthday or a weekly allowance to your daughter


Create your own audited cryptocurrency, within minutes, no coding required.
These days, anyone can create a token and launch it on Uniswap. This access to markets and ease of innovation is a huge net positive. However, it comes with significant risks. One of the most prominent issues that the cryptocurrency industry is currently plagued by is the frequency of scams and exploits. It seems both daunting and nearly impossible to mitigate all of these potential attack vectors.
We have a solution. With Mint Token generator you can create a fully audited token within minutes, for $0 in fees. It’s that simple.
  • Automatic Token Vesting
    All tokens created in the generator have an option to seamlessy take a portion of the tokens and lock them in a vesting schedule.
  • Pre-Audited Code
    Coin holders confidence, building trust, and saving you time and money on both audits and developers.
  • Modular Components
    Choose to add features to your tokens that the biggest coins in the space commonly use, such as minting, burning, staking and more.


The First NFT and ERC20 Marketplace that Returns Fees to the Community!
Swappable will allow for any Web3 wallet user to create, buy, sell, or trade any ERC721 or ERC1155 NFT (non-fungible token) as well as make trustless Peer-To-Peer (P2P) swaps of ANY ERC20 token in an easy-to-use and open marketplace forum.
Fire in the woods
Some brief information about the above image.
Fire in the woods
Some brief information about the above image.
Fire in the woods
Some brief information about the above image.
Fire in the woods
Some brief information about the above image.
NFT Marketplace
  • Simplicity
    Create and distribute unique NFTs from our simple web interface with the click of a few buttons.
  • Discount
    Fees on Swappable can be paid in either ETH or SWAP with the latter resulting in a 50% discount.
  • Lower fees
    OpenSea and Rarible, while providing a great service, charge a 5% “commission” fee (2.5% from buyer and seller), it’s clear that there is room in the industry for another player that not only charges lower fees but returns those fees back to the community it serves!
  • Staking Benefit
    Just like existing TrustSwap services and products, 80% of the fees taken in from these services are returned to stakers of the SWAP token.
Trustless peer-to-peer escrow
Trustless peer-to-peer escrow

Make trustless Peer-To-Peer (P2P) swaps of ANY ERC20 token in an easy-to-use and open marketplace forum. Our ERC20 marketplace will incorporate TrustSwap’s existing P2P SmartSwap Smart Contract technology allowing anonymous parties to buy, sell, or trade any ERC20 tokens with anyone for any price.

Curious to see if someone is interested in trading SWAP tokens for LINK or ETH at a specific price? Swappable allows you to do just that by posting an open order in its order book!

Do you want to swap NFTs or ERC20s directly with your friends or even complete strangers? Maybe you are looking for bulk discounts or Over-The-Counter (OTC) deals on altcoins? You can do it all at Swappable!

Staking Swap

Every transaction paid in SWAP rewards stakers with 80% of the transaction fee, 10% goes to the Trustswap Foundation and 10% is burned. Staking SWAP not only accrues direct rewards but also grows your 'SwapScore' to unlock free airdrops, guaranteed launchpad access (pending KYC), and access to our special Flashlaunch lotteries.
  • Staking Rewards
    80% of all transactions in the Trustswap Ecosystem are given as rewards to our stakers.
  • Swapscore
    Your SwapScore is calculated by your Daily Average SWAP Staked (not just held) over the most recent 60-day window.
  • Tiered Rewards
    The more you stake the higher tier you get. Whether it is for regular launchpad allocations amounts or number of lottery tickets in our FlashLaunches. And who knows you will receive one of our launchpads special airdrops.